Who is i2VPN?

Experience a fast, secure and limitless internet with i2VPN. Established in 2020 with its headquarters situated in the United Kingdom, our company has earned an eminent reputation for providing reliable online privacy as well as security solutions.

At i2VPN, we take great pride in our blazing-fast servers and unwavering dedication to safeguarding user privacy. Our team members are located across 10 major cities worldwide, operating a rock-solid network that enables millions of people from 180 countries to securely access the internet without restrictions.

At i2VPN, our objective is straightforward – equip you with cutting-edge tools and technology to navigate the online realm effortlessly. With us as your trusted ally, whether it’s streaming your best-loved content or engaging in business transactions or simply browsing the web pages for information-gathering purposes, we guarantee that confidential data remains secure while connections are private and impregnable.

i2VPN has gained the trust of millions who seek to unleash the internet’s complete potential without barriers or restrictions, while keeping their privacy in mind. Try i2VPN now and experience absolute freedom on an open internet.